About Us

Messiah Moravian Preschool provides quality care and age appropriate activities within a safe and loving Christian environment. We believe in a “play with a purpose” philosophy where learning is continually taking place through hands on exploration and discovery. Our dedicated staff incorporates a curriculum that encourages growth in all developmental areas including music, literature, exploration centers, enrichments and art.

Fast Facts:

  • Established in 1963
  • Located in the Sherwood Forest Neighborhood
    A Ministry of Messiah Moravian Church (more)
  • School Year – September – May
  • School Hours – 9 am – 12 pm
  • Staff – 24
  • FAM – Families at Messiah parent group (on facebook )


Messiah Moravian Preschool

1401 North Peace Haven Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27104

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Director: Barbara Shore
Office Manager: Kim Duncan  

Teaching Staff

  • Toddler Teachers: MW & TTH – Kristy Ragsdale and Dionne Nagle
  • 2 Year Old Teachers: MWF – Nora Schuller and Angela Trogdon; Lisa Crosswhite and Amber Morris; TTH – Angela Trogdon and Amber Brewer; Lisa Crosswhite and Amber Brewer
  • 3 Year Old Teachers: M-TH(F) – Melanie Rowton and Christy Palma; M-TH – Joanne Clifford and Farrah Woodard; MWF – Bianca Woodberry and Allison Panzano
  • 4 Year Old Teachers: M-TH – Mandy Carmer and Cheryll Merle; Michelle Husmillo and Erika McAllister; M-TH(F) – Jen Caldwell and Pam Butterfield
  • Readiness Teachers: Kathleen O’Gara and Cherilyn Rice
  • Art Instructor: Leslie Watts

Left to Right:
Pam Butterfield, Dionne Nagle, Cheryll Merle, Mandy Carmer, Nora Schuller, Bianca Woodberry, Amber Morris, Allison Panzano, Angela Trogdon, Amber Brewer, Farrah Woodard, Cherilyn Rice, Lisa Crosswhite, Michelle Husmillo, Melanie Rowton, Erika McAllister, Jen Caldwell, Kim Duncan, Christy Palma, Kristi Ragsdale, Joanne Clifford, Leslie Watts, Barbara Shore, Kathleen O’Gara