Learning Through Activities

Because preschoolers are active learners, our preschool philosophy is “play with a purpose.” Our staff provides a variety of large and small group activities that encourage growth in all developmental areas for your child.

Each morning your child has the opportunity to play and grow through:

Learning centers

  • paintsFine Motor
  • Home Living and Dramatic Play
  • Books and Literature
  • Science and Nature
  • Blocks
  • Art


Through the use of paint, crayons, scissors, paper, glue, clay and more, your child experiences art as a process, not a product. Art develops muscle control, sparks creative thinking and teaches new concepts. We love to get messy!

Circle Time

Your child will come together with classmates and teachers to explore and learn through stories, singing, conversation, creative movement and dramatization.


Your child will develop social and verbal skills while sitting around a table talking and sharing a blessing with friends.  We are a peanut and tree nut sensitive preschool.

Outdoor Classroom

Nature inspired outdoor space divided into ck. Extension of our indoor classroom where learning is taking place with hands-on activities.