Messiah Moravian Preschool provides quality care and age appropriate activities within a safe and loving Christian environment. We believe in a “play with a purpose” philosophy where learning is continually taking place through hands on exploration and discovery. Our dedicated staff incorporates a curriculum that encourages growth in all developmental areas including music, literature, exploration centers, enrichments and art.

  • School Year: September – May
  • Hours: 3 1/2 morning program
  • Toddler Teachers – Melinda Spear and Teresa Blair
  • 2 Year Old Teachers: Angela Trogdon, Betsy Lowder and Lisa Saunders; Elizabeth Trogdon and Amber Brewer
  • 3 Year Old Teachers: Michelle Chamberlain and Mandy Conner; Jen Stith and Nora Schuller, Mary Ellen Elliott and Lisa Zacharias
  • 4 Year Old Teachers: Mandy Carmer and Karen Kearns; Erika McAllister and Christy Palma; Laurie Hendershott and Hillary Wands
  • Readiness Teachers: Betsy Messick and Miriam Guthrie
  • Art Instructor: Leslie Watts