We love sharing photos of our young learners as they explore, play, create, and grow!  Because we value our families’ privacy, we use Shutterfly and grant all of our families access once approved.

  1. Create a Shutterfly account or login with your Shutterfly login.
  2. screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-2-02-28-pmVisit our Share Site on Shutterfly  //  If you’re new to the shared group, first request to be added by clicking “Ask” (See picture).  **Please add your full name and in the message, the name of your child.
  3. Once approved you will be notified and able to access the “Share Site”.
  4. Click Pictures and Videos to view the latest.

 As always, we value your family’s privacy and will always remove photos upon your request.  If you have any other problems email us at