Your child will benefit from additional enrichment programs including:


A hands-on music education program designed specifically for preschoolers. We explore the many different aspects of music in fun and age-appropriate ways. Musicare’s principle goal is to instill a lifelong love of music; of singing and making music with others; and of playing instruments and making your own personal music.


Our 4’s and Readiness classes meet twice a month in our sanctuary with a member of the church staff for songs and Bible teaching that speaks on God’s love for us.

Creature Teacher

This environmental education program for our 3’s through Readiness classes teaches about local wildlife conservation, exotic animal education, general pet care and the importance of respect for nature.


This program for our 2’s and 3’s teaches healthy living through continuous, fun, safe and effective exercises as well as shares information about nutrition and eating the right foods.


Art class is provided each week with an art specialist that enhances a child’s experience and exploration of art. Preschoolers will have the opportunity to use their own creativity with various art media, styles and techniques.

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