Nestled among towering oaks and dappled sunshine, the outdoor classroom at Messiah Moravian Preschool provides a welcome respite from the sometimes confining walls of a traditional learning environment. 

The highlight of the outdoor classroom is the pollinator garden specifically designed to support the life cycle of the monarch butterfly. The habitat has allowed both teachers and students to walk side by side down the path of natural discovery with hands-on teaching and observation. The children are effectively learning the life skills of environmental responsibility and self-confidence, as well as honing their skills of observation.

Additional areas of Messiah Moravian’s outdoor classroom allow the students at the preschool to more deeply explore their creativity. A stage invites children to indulge their dramatic side. The music area is outfitted with a marimba, drums, and chimes, whose sounds can be heard rippling through the space as the children play. Budding architects and engineers stretch their minds and begin experimenting with physics and mathematical concepts while constructing forts and bridges in the messy materials space of the classroom.

One of the most beautiful areas of the classroom is the art area. Wedged into the furthest corner of the classroom space and appropriately shaded by a tree’s sweeping branches, children cannot help but be inspired to create with any and all types of art materials. The natural backdrop created by the Nature Explore classroom is an insuppressible beacon for the burgeoning creativity inherent in every young child.

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